Provider Compliance can be a complicated matter. At WestCON, we understand that a Provider’s focus is on giving the best possible life to the people they support. We are here to help. Provider Compliance ensures standards for services comply with the requirements of state and federal regulation to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the people who participate in the developmental disabilities system. 


To ensure providers are following the rules and regulations set forth by Ohio Revised Code,  provider compliance reviews are conducted by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.  At times, DODD may delegate the provider compliance reviews to a county board or a COG like WestCON.

There are three types of reviews:

Routine Review

Conducted within the first year of billing for a newly certified provider and once every certification span.  Providers are notified at least 90 days before a routine review is conducted.

Special Review

Conducted when there is a complaint made or Major Unusual Incident concerns regarding a provider.  Advance notice is not required for special reviews.

Abbreviated Review

May be available up request to providers who are accredited by a national accrediting entity.  Providers are notified 90 days before the review will occur.


It is important to take time to prepare for your compliance review. Being fully prepared at the start of the review helps make the process go more smoothly for you as the provider and for the review specialists.  Any information that is not available at the time of the review may lead to a provider citation. Make sure to contact the reviewer with any questions while preparing for the review.