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The [Teaching PLAY] training, watching other staff members implement the strategies with children… all helped to give me more ideas on how to approach the child and engage the child. The training also helped me be more effective with children who do not stay in interactions long or who wander around the classroom.”

In my 30 years in special education, I feel [Teaching PLAY] has been the most beneficial in reaching our students with autism.”

“It’s as simple as learning to read cues and having ‘tricks in your bag’ to use when you need them. It becomes almost automatic once you’ve mastered [the PLAY] techniques. It’s innate. It’s successful and it’s wonderful!”

“Instead of having to deal with meltdowns, I learned how to prevent them. Instead of attempting to get the child to ‘fit’ into the classroom, I learned to make the classroom ‘fit’ her. We had good days and bad, just as anyone does, but I found myself excited to implement the new techniques and try… Read more »

PLAY Project has helped us learn how to engage with our son and how to keep him engaged with us. We use all of the [PLAY] strategies given to us and it makes it easier to play with him.”

“The PLAY Project was so valuable to us during a very difficult couple of years. It helped us to become a stronger family.”

PLAY absolutely changed our interactions with our child. The difference is remarkable and it was almost immediate. I recommend this approach to all families, not just families dealing with developmental delays. It’s wholly a better way to interact and facilitated much more meaningful exchanges in our family.”

We feel so fortunate to have found the PLAY project and to be able to utilize the techniques we learned from it. Like every other parent, we will always have concern about our child’s future. We don’t however, have feelings of fear and self-doubt that we aren’t doing enough to help him. We feel so… Read more »

“We have been so fortunate to find the PLAY PROJECT. Without it, I know our son would still be meandering through a dense fog and I would be there as well—unsure on how to ‘reach him.’ Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to participate in the one intervention that worked… Read more »