home and community – he would like to spend time in the comjunity with a provider and needs assistance with interactive play activities. His mother wants a provider who can create a mentoring relationship to be supportive with accessing activities that he enjoys (imagination play, watching cartoons,etc.). Mom would like a provider to help teach him how to swim and take him to the YMCA. He needs a provider to tansport him and support him at recreation and Special Olympics activities when scheduled, such as basketball. At times, he enjoys playing video games at home.

He has a history of aggression (hitting, Kicking, punching, and destruction of property) and can become upset easily; however, recently has significatly decreased his aggression towards others. It is important for him to feel included in activities to reduce anxiety. When he is upset he needs to have time and space to calm down. He functions best on a schedule that revolves around non-preferred activities before a preferred activity, such as play basketball then video games.

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