31-year-old Male – Troy, Ohio

31-year-old male that lives alone in Troy is seeking a provider. He will receive 5-10 hours per week. His hours are based upon his choice of activity but will be discussed with the provider. Schedule needs to be consistent after agreed on though. He would like a provider to attend church with him on Thursday evening and Sunday morning. Services include community connections besides church, he is also interested in going to money management classes at partners in hope in the evening, attend Riverside dances and maybe play Special Olympic basketball.

Some general drop in services including, scheduling doctor appointments, grocery shopping, general errands, rec opportunities, community connection that he is interested in such as window shopping. He works best with males and older females, however willing to interview all available. He has specific behavior supports that staff need to adhere to. Consistent scheduling and prompt arrival times are necessary for success as well. Individual is generally independent in a lot of areas, but needs assistance to find connections and transportation. After reading the changes in his service needs, if you are still interested please respond. His interviews have not been scheduled but if you are interested please respond.

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