Funding Source: Local County Funds


He prefers male staff and he would like services to begin as soon as possible once the provider has been chosen. He is looking for services up to 15 hours a month during weeknights 4p-8p or weekends, however, he and his family would like to utilize hours. 


ADHD, major depressive disorder and moderate DD. Has difficulty navigating social interactions. Has a history of false accusations, female provider only. 3hours 2x a week.


Assist with doing activities, doesn’t like physical activities, computers/video games. Likes getting his own way. Needs an assetive personality. He is a big guy and so someone that will not easily back down is important.


Diagnosed with downs syndrome, hearing & vision deficits. Attends ADS Mon.-Fri. Needs assistance with daily living skills. Would like a female provider in the AM but can be a male in the afternoon and evenings. Can be an independent or agency provider. 6:00 am-8:00 am Mon.-Fri.; 2:00 pm-5:00 pm M-W-F and additional evening hours occasionally.