Funding Source: Level 1 Waiver


home and community – he would like to spend time in the comjunity with a provider and needs assistance with interactive play activities. His mother wants a provider who can create a mentoring relationship to be supportive with accessing activities that he enjoys (imagination play, watching cartoons,etc.). Mom would like a provider to help teach… Read more »


She is a very independent person who communicates verbally. She spends time between her ex-husbands home and her boyfriends home. She will let you know when she needs something. She does have a speech impediment, she may be difficult to understand if you do not know her well. Up to 5 hours a week.


She is her own guardian and her family is very involved.Ê She prefers female staff and she attends day programming Monday-Friday 9 am Ð 3 pm. She would like to receive 5 hours a week HPC services. Transportation will be allotted.  She is looking for services to take place on weekends and weeknights after day… Read more »


Pick up on Thursday and Friday each week at Jafe at 2:00 pm and bring home to Wayne Lakes. 4-5 hrs. a week


Assistance needed to keep appointment, transportation, shopping and to participate in activities in community. Needs a payee to learn to manage her money. Works Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:00 am-2:30 pm. Has 2 children. Mild ID and depression, ambulatory and capable of taking care of personal needs. 4-5 hours per week.


Needs transportation to/from work (Ansonia to/from Versailles) 520 miles per year.


No behaviors, Likes puzzles, reading, play ball. Full bathroom support, meal prep, mobile, Sensitive to touch, heat and needs medications for seizure )Family delegates). 4-5 hrs week most during summer


Monday – Fridays from 8:00 am to 12;00 pm from home to work and back. Mon-Fri. 20 miles per day

Male-18-St. Henry

Enjoys going out in the community once or twice a week or large outing one time a month.Has down’s syndrome. 4-5 hours a week.