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Female seeking Homemaker Personal Care services during the following time frames: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12-4PM Tuesday, Thursday: 8-11:30AM   Services are funded by an IO waiver and are provided in-home.  Person seeking provider lives alone and is interested in interviewing Female, Independent Providers only. Additional Information about the Individual: Has a dog Likes to spend… Read more »

Male-33-St. Marys

He lives with his parents and they are very involved in his life. He is his own guardian and is able to make his wants and needs known. He is a college graduate, smiles a lot, spirituality, has a blog on Holy Rosary web site, dedicated to assisting people with disabilities, and an active member… Read more »


She is her own guardian and her family is very involved.Ê She prefers female staff and she attends day programming Monday-Friday 9 am Ð 3 pm. She would like to receive 5 hours a week HPC services. Transportation will be allotted.  She is looking for services to take place on weekends and weeknights after day… Read more »


He prefers male staff and he would like services to begin as soon as possible once the provider has been chosen. He is looking for services up to 15 hours a month during weeknights 4p-8p or weekends, however, he and his family would like to utilize hours. 


Behavioral/Psychiatric: Autism Spectrum, anxiety, She is non-verbal and has some difficulty expressing her wants and needs which can result in some aggressive behavior.Ê This is typically, slapping, pulling on caregiverÕs clothing, pinching, or grabbing caregiverÕs glasses or jewelry. Communication: as mentioned above, she is non-verbal.Ê She typically will lead her caregiver to what she wants… Read more »


Needs help with getting medications refilled, going to appointments. He has seizures, no behaviors and lives alone. 10-15 hours week.

Female-20-St. Henry

Community outings 1-2x week. Easy going & very sweet. Staff nees med. Cert 1 due to rescue seizure medication.


Would like to have a female provider only. Assistance with learning to cook, shopping, etc. 4-5 hours a week.


Needs assistance with Doctor appts, grocery shopping, house cleaning, going out to eat and to stay on budget. 5 hours a week.


Assist with doing activities, doesn’t like physical activities, computers/video games. Likes getting his own way. Needs an assetive personality. He is a big guy and so someone that will not easily back down is important.