Author: Tyler Louth


Assist with doing activities, doesn’t like physical activities, computers/video games. Likes getting his own way. Needs an assetive personality. He is a big guy and so someone that will not easily back down is important.


Would like to have a female provider only. Assistance with learning to cook, shopping, etc. 4-5 hours a week.

Female-20-St. Henry

Community outings 1-2x week. Easy going & very sweet. Staff nees med. Cert 1 due to rescue seizure medication.


Needs help with getting medications refilled, going to appointments. He has seizures, no behaviors and lives alone. 10-15 hours week.

Male-18-St. Henry

Enjoys going out in the community once or twice a week or large outing one time a month.Has down’s syndrome. 4-5 hours a week.


Monday – Fridays from 8:00 am to 12;00 pm from home to work and back. Mon-Fri. 20 miles per day


No behaviors, Likes puzzles, reading, play ball. Full bathroom support, meal prep, mobile, Sensitive to touch, heat and needs medications for seizure )Family delegates). 4-5 hrs week most during summer


Assistance with taking cat to vet, doing things in the community, visit family occasionally, manage diabetes, giving eye drops daily. Asist with caring of home, cooking, grocery shopping and doctor appts. Housemate is A.G. 20 hours a week some are shared with housemate.

Female-27-New Madison

Attends ADS 3 days a week, needs help toileting- needs catherized and bathing. Is very social. Diagnoses are Spina Bifida and uses wheelchair for mobility. 10 hours a week.


PR. Attends ADS 2 days week. needs transportation, making choices and decisions, all ADLS. scheduling & attending appointments, budgeting, paying bills, managing fund. J.B. is retired and needs support in personal development. self-determination, taking meds and scheduling & attending appointments. He has diabetes and only one kidney. PR.& J.B. share 124 units or 31 hours… Read more »