Age Range: 23-29


He prefers male staff and he would like services to begin as soon as possible once the provider has been chosen. He is looking for services up to 15 hours a month during weeknights 4p-8p or weekends, however, he and his family would like to utilize hours. 


Pick up on Thursday and Friday each week at Jafe at 2:00 pm and bring home to Wayne Lakes. 4-5 hrs. a week

Female-27-New Madison

Attends ADS 3 days a week, needs help toileting- needs catherized and bathing. Is very social. Diagnoses are Spina Bifida and uses wheelchair for mobility. 10 hours a week.


Needs help with getting medications refilled, going to appointments. He has seizures, no behaviors and lives alone. 10-15 hours week.

Female-20-St. Henry

Community outings 1-2x week. Easy going & very sweet. Staff nees med. Cert 1 due to rescue seizure medication.


Would like to have a female provider only. Assistance with learning to cook, shopping, etc. 4-5 hours a week.