Age Range: 18-22


Behavioral/Psychiatric: Autism Spectrum, anxiety, She is non-verbal and has some difficulty expressing her wants and needs which can result in some aggressive behavior.Ê This is typically, slapping, pulling on caregiverÕs clothing, pinching, or grabbing caregiverÕs glasses or jewelry. Communication: as mentioned above, she is non-verbal.Ê She typically will lead her caregiver to what she wants… Read more »


ADHD, major depressive disorder and moderate DD. Has difficulty navigating social interactions. Has a history of false accusations, female provider only. 3hours 2x a week.

Male-18-St. Henry

Enjoys going out in the community once or twice a week or large outing one time a month.Has down’s syndrome. 4-5 hours a week.


Assist with doing activities, doesn’t like physical activities, computers/video games. Likes getting his own way. Needs an assetive personality. He is a big guy and so someone that will not easily back down is important.