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"The collaborative effort with WestCON is helping explore ways to successfully provide consistent and specific services across county lines for very young children with developmental disabilities, including autism. The P.L.A.Y. model of intervention being used is effective because it is play- and relationship-based, and gives parents the tools to connect positively with their child, while also learning strategies to facilitate their child’s development. Unique interactions that may not otherwise have the opportunity to occur begin to emerge. Once the P.L.A.Y. intervention methods are seen in action, it is clear that both family members and the child involved benefit. We are pleased with the impact that this project is having on young children and families in the WestCON region."

—Ohio DODD Director John Martin

"The P.L.A.Y. Project has been a fantastic addition to the services provided by WestCON. It is a wonderful method to support parents in helping their young children with autism to connect with their parents and other close family members. It is a proven method that is, in my opinion, very family friendly.

WestCON is very grateful to John Martin, director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilties, for providing WestCON with start-up grant money so that we could afford to get this off the ground. It is our goal that this project will become self-sustaining before the end of 2011."

—Mike Overman, Mercer County Board of DD Superintendent

Dr. Solomon says, "by doing what your child loves, your child will love being with you." This is so true. From the beginning of our "adventure" of autism I thought, this is so easy, I am just playing with my son. By following his lead and playing what he wants to play he has let me into his world and we love playing together! My son who was content to sit by himself and flip through books is now giving hugs and kisses and chasing his brother and sister. Most importantly...he is having FUN!

—Cherie Jackson

PLAY PROJECT has helped our son in so many ways. He not only initiates interaction with us but with his peers as well. It was very helpful in the beginning, teaching us to look for his signs of communication. It has definitely brought our two worlds together.
Our son,Joseph, use to sit at the windowsill for hours pushing his trains back and forth unaware of our presence.
Now, since PLAY PROJECT, he will often insist that we are with him putting together train tracks that have tunnels and bridges,all at his request. We spend our time working side by side building the best little train stations around!!!

—Dawn and Joseph Fritscher